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Stars and gripes: Late goal disallowed as Oilers unable to recover from early 2-0

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Stars and gripes: Late goal disallowed as Oilers unable to recover from early 2-0 deficit
Jim Matheson, The Edmonton Journal
Published: Saturday, November 04, 2006

EDMONTON - Once bitten, twice stung.

The Edmonton Oilers felt they got jobbed before Brenden Morrow's opening goal because Eric Lindros bumped into goalie Dwayne Roloson, but they flat-out knew they got the dirty end of the stick on a last-gasp tying goal when referee Mick McGeough called a hand-pass on Shawn Horcoff before a wild scramble and an apparent goalmouth score by Ryan Smyth.

Oilers coach Craig MacTavish couldn't believe his eyes and went off on McGeough, who later admitted he goofed but couldn't take back the whistle because it's an irreversible play.

Horcoff won the draw, getting the puck back to Jarret Stoll, and Smyth put the puck past Marty Turco with 4.1 seconds left. Celebration turned to disbelief, then outrage when the goal was wiped out.

"I screwed the call up," said McGeough, who didn't hide in the officials room and was man enough to 'fess up. "I was looking through a couple of players and when his arm went low on the stick, I thought it was his hand that hit the puck. It was a flat-out missed call. My mistake.

"It's terrible. The last thing I want to do is cost anybody a hockey game, but I called what I thought I saw and I'm not perfect. It was a blown call."

Instead of the goal counting to send it to overtime, the Oilers lost a 3-2 toughie as Stars captain Morrow, Niclas Hagman and Trevor Daley scored for the Stars, now 11-2. Smyth and Petr Sykora, with Roloson pulled for an extra skater with 85 seconds left, scored for the Oilers, who've now lost four of their last five to tumble to 7-6 on the year.

MacTavish called McGeough enough bad names after the game to probably be donating a little money to the league for his anger. "It was a retarded call, plain and simple. I know he's a veteran official, but there's no other explanation for it," said MacTavish. "A ridiculous, ridiculous call.

"He seems to feel he's the show out there. He makes a call deep in a corner. The linesman is right on top of it and you'd think if he saw Horc using his glove he'd see it. He's one person out of 17,000 who saw it that way. It should be suspendable for him to make a call like that. What do you say to your team after that? We come back and it's a momentum-building thing and we get one point, maybe two. Yet, it's another kick in the gut, all because of a bizarre interpretation by Mick McGeough."

Horcoff was dumbfounded after the goal was disallowed. "It's a tough call. At that point of the game, you better be 100- per-cent sure," said Horcoff. "They asked if I ever use my hand and I said, yes, in the defensive zone when you can do it, but not in the offensive zone. It was clearly my stick (in the faceoff)."

Turco was more concerned with what happened in the crease area. But he had a good look at the faceoff between Horcoff and Barnes, who had a terrific game for the Stars -- who have lost only eight of 49 games to the Oilers since they moved from Minnesota to Dallas in 1993. "We all saw what actually happened. I don't think anybody envies being a referee and trying to call this great game. We've got the best in the world but you're not always going to be perfect."

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Mr. Magoo strikes

:dunno: I thought that all major calls like that went through Toronto before being cast in stone.
Head office doesn't interfere with on ice calls just those that go to the replay booth. It didn't go upstairs so the no goal stood.
What happens in a face off circle isn't a re-viewable play!!
Thanks guys. :thumbsup:

The NHL owes the Oil a point ... (but I know that will never happen) :thumbsdow
hok said:
Thanks guys. :thumbsup:

The NHL owes the Oil a point ... (but I know that will never happen) :thumbsdow
Yes they do, and NO, it will never happen!!! And that's too bad!!!!
The owe me a point to, but I know that will never happen either. :mad:


I don't think this kind of thing happens to any team more than it does the Edmonton Oilers. Their fans have been robbed plenty of points over the last few years.

That's a shame.
Have you noticed that it's usually games involving Dallas?
ooOOoo ... yep, even back to Brett Hull's non-goal in the 1999 SCF.

Adding even more story to the very possible scenario of the 2 teams meeting again this June.
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