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Eastern Conference
1. Carolina Hurricanes 45W-15L-6OTL 96pts. 66GP
2. Ottawa Senators 44W-15L-6OTL 94pts. 65GP
3. New York Rangers 37W-19L-10OTL 84pts. 66GP
4. Buffalo Sabres 44W-16L-5OTL 93pts. 65GP
5. Philadelphia Flyers 36W-20L-10OTL 82pts. 66GP
6. New Jersey Devils 34W-24L-8OTL 76pts. 66GP
7. Tampa Bay Lightning 34W-28L-4OTL 72pts. 66GP
8. Montreal Canadiens 31W-25L-9OTL 71pts. 65GP

9. Atlanta Thrashers 32W-28L-6OTL 70pts. 66GP
10. New York Islanders 31W-30L-4OTL 66pts. 65GP
11. Toronto Maple Laughs 30W-29L-6OTL 66pts. 65GP
12. Boston Bruins 26W-30L-11OTL 63pts. 67GP
13. Florida Panthers 26W-30L-9OTL 61pts. 65GP
14. Washington Capitals 22W-36L-7OTL 51pts. 65GP
15. Pittsburgh Penguins 16W-38L-12OTL 44pts. 66GP

1. Detroit Red Wings 45W-15L-5OTL 95TP 65GP
2. Dallas Stars 44W-19L-3OTL 91TP 66GP
3. Calgary Flames 37W-20L-8OTL 82TP 65GP
4. Nashville Predators 39W-19L-8OTL 86TP 66GP
5. Colorado Avalanche 37W-24L-6OTL 80TP 67GP
6. Edmonton Oilers 34W-23L-10OTL 78TP 67GP
7. L.A Kings 36W-27L-5OTL 77TP 68GP
8. Vancouver Canucks 35W-26L-6OTL 76TP 67GP

9. Anaheim Mighty Ducks 31W-21L-12OTL 74TP 64GP
10. San Jose Sharks 32W-23L-9OTL 73TP 64GP
11. Minnesota Wild 31W-29L-7OTL 69TP 67GP
12. Pheonix Coyotes 30W-33L-4OTL 64TP 67GP
13. Columbus Blue Jackets 26W-37L-3OTL 55TP 66GP
14. St. Louis Blues 20W-33L-11OTL 51TP 64GP
15. Chicago Blackhawks 21W-35L-9OTL 51TP 65GP
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Well i am hoping to see atlanta make the playoffs for the first time since 1980 when the flames were in atlanta.and it does not look good for toronto. montreal is also having problems they lost to pittsburgh last night.and it looks like that minnesota is not going to make the playoffs this year.
I don't think the Canucks will either. They are three games ahead Anaheim who is in ninth place behind Vancouver. Vancouver only has two more points than them which is not so good. The Canucks must win the majority of the rest of their games in order to get eighth or possibly seventh place.
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