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I'm glad to see that he's just getting a chance this year. Last year was frustating to watch, as he was choked out of ice time

Stajan earning more ice time
By TERRY KOSHAN -- Toronto Sun

Paul Maurice didn't like what he saw in Matt Stajan in training camp.

But a couple of months later, he has seen much improvement in the 22-year-old forward.

"I didn't think he was great in camp," Maurice said. "There was a really big adjustment curve for him with the new style of game and to his credit, he made the adjustment. It was not coaching."
CANOE -- SLAM! Sports - Hockey NHL - Toronto - Stajan earning more ice time

He was only averaging 11 minutes a game last year (ranked 24th on the team), and almost 3 of it was on the penalty-kill. He had over 8 in total when it came to even-strength. That was disgrace and fumed of coaching favouritism.

This year, he's getting 16 minutes of ice-time a game, and is showing that he can be very effective in his use of it. only 1:24 is shorthanded, mostly due to the addition of Michael Peca and the new penalty-killing unit he formed/forms with Chad Kilger. He also gets 12 minutes even strentgh, and 2:45 on the powerplay (as opposed to 37 seconds).

Glad to see he's not going to waste this time.
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