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Babcock's main focus is the special teams for the wings. " a few years back Scotty (Bowman) told me your power play and penalty kill ranking has to add up to the number less than ten,"

Babcock said; "If you do that you have a chance in the end. I call that the Scotty Bowman Rule!"

Wings have a rank total of six, but has been five or under much of the season.
The power play has not been bad this season. PK has been pretty good, I think we definitely have good offensive and defensive special teams this season;) the wings have surprised people by playing well.. Babcock works on them game in and out. Brendan Shanahan and Pavel Datsyuk and Henrick zetterberg have had great goal scoring seasons this season! ;)

Cant wait to see what they do in the play offs GO WINGS!!!!!!
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