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So I bought a huge bag full of hockey cards a while back.

Literally, there where about 1000 - 1200 cards - I counted about half and quit at 720. I brought them back out recently, and I found a few cards that I am honestly, unsure about. One in the picture is a 'Hockey Booklet' about Roger Crozier.

The others are all signed. The large one is black and white, which features Toronto Maple Leafs player Brad Selwood.
The others are small, in black and white, and all are signed.

I doubt they where printed that way, but I'm open to any opinions at this point.

The names on these cards include:
Harry Howell (California Golden Seals)
Ron Schock (Pittsburgh Penguins)
Bill Hicke (California Golden Seals)
Ray Cullen (Not Sure)
Bob Woytowich (Pittsburgh Penguins)

On the back it just says their names, and their card number out of 48.

I have searched and searched, but have found nothing to do with these specific cards.

Any feedback, info, dates, or even values is more than appreciated.

Check out the picture:

Whether they are real or fake, I'm ready for some useful

Thanks so much!
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