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So who's going to be playing hockey in late April and who's going be playing golf?

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Have to admit when the Wild lost Kaprizov I thought this season just got flushed down the toilet. There went most of Minnesota's scoring. Yet so many have stepped up to shoot and score and they've got a great record even with him sitting out.

Kind of makes me wonder where these guys were all season long -- and if there's some sort of weird team dynamic where the other four skaters just want to get the puck to KK97 when he's on the ice. And, being a Minnesota sports fan, I'm wondering if the Wild are peaking just a bit too early. I'm now actually thinking we could get out of the first round. For a change.

How about you? Who do you think is going to hang on for the first round and who do you think is going to lose their grip on the bar?
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