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Slumps and Bumps...

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What teams in the NHL will have a slump or bump (streak)and get them in or keep them out of the playoffs??

The 2nd half starts tonight !!! So get ready for this
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Slump - Atlanta, Carolina may catch them

Bump - Detroit, as the season wears on the vetern presence will carry the Wings through.
In the East:
Slump - Atlanta Thashers: They will still make the playoffs.

Bump - New Jersey Devils: This is their time of year; They will own (have already won 8 of thier last 10 games).

Out West:
Slump - Vancouver Canucks: Will Luongo's play and, yet again, just 1 line be enough to carry the team into the playoffs?

Bump - Colorado Avalanche: They usually come up big in the last half of the season.
That's a good way of doing it. I agree with the Avs, for the same reason I think Detroit will bump, plus they got a weaker division.

I'd like to add Ottawa as my bump for the east and Dallas as my slump in the west, I think both teams are already showing my the next half will look like.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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