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Slumps and Bumps...

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What teams in the NHL will have a slump or bump (streak)and get them in or keep them out of the playoffs??

The 2nd half starts tonight !!! So get ready for this
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In the East:
Slump - Atlanta Thashers: They will still make the playoffs.

Bump - New Jersey Devils: This is their time of year; They will own (have already won 8 of thier last 10 games).

Out West:
Slump - Vancouver Canucks: Will Luongo's play and, yet again, just 1 line be enough to carry the team into the playoffs?

Bump - Colorado Avalanche: They usually come up big in the last half of the season.
shookem said:
That's a good way of doing it. I agree with the Avs, for the same reason I think Detroit will bump, plus they got a weaker division.

I'd like to add Ottawa as my bump for the east and Dallas as my slump in the west, I think both teams are already showing my the next half will look like.
I almost chose Dallas as well, but decided to go with Vancouver in the end. Could end up being both of them... or none of them if Naslund steps up huge and they acquire some offence before the Traded Deadline, or if Modano, Morrow and Lindros come up with some heroics for the Stars down the stretch.

Speaking of Dallas, I gotta' change that sig.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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