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Hi everyone, I would like to tell you about the SHL (Simulation Hockey League), the SHL is a player simulation league. It is a league where you get to make your own player, you will eventually get drafted and start playing in the SMJHL. We sim on STHS hockey simulator. You earn points by spending contract money you get from your contract, or completing Point Tasks. The Point Task director gives the entire league Point Tasks to complete, sometimes they're things like "write 100 words on what type of player you would like to be" but they're all different. You can do play by plays of games and write articles to earn money to spend on points to improve your player. If you stay active your player will eventually become a top prospect and eventually get drafted into the SHL! Become a star forward, defensemen or goalie! Make your way through the SHL and become a Hall of Famer!! The community is great and we are all hockey loving people. If you want a place to spend a little bit of extra time you may have then join the SHL. I joined the SHL around a year and a half ago and haven't stopped enjoying improving my player and interacting with the community.
We're going into our 15th season and we're still going strong.

If you need any help (building your player or with anything else) PM me once you've made an account over there. My username is O4L. Also please put me down as your recruiter.

After you've signed up:

1. Go to register/ make your account account.
2. Go to create a player and copy and paste either the skater or goalie templete, whichever you choose.
3. Put the info in for your player, you get 155 points to spend on your player but remember, once you've reached 80 points for an attribute they start costing more
From 80-85 points it costs 2 points to move the attribute up one. From 85-90 it costs three points to move the attribute up one. From 90-95 it costs four points to move the attribute up one and from 95-99 it costs 5 points to move the attribute up one.
4. Have a great time and get ready for the NWJHL draft!
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