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The SHL is a player sim league where you create your player and you get to go into the NWJHL draft, after that you can write articles about your player and do Trainings and Playr Trainings. This league is in its 13th season and its ran onthis website...

Here are the steps...

1. Proceed to register/ make account.
2. Go to create a player and copy and paste either the skater or goalie templete, your choice.
3. Put the info in for your player and your ready to go, make sure you stay acitve so the GMs notice you and they can draft you.
4. Write articles and have agreat time...

****Make sure to put The Italian Stalion as your recruiter when you reach the create a player page.**** Thanks.

If you have any questions, just pm me here or on the site. Thanks.
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