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Similarities to 2004 by Adam Schwartz

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Jarome Iginla remembers what worked to get the Flames within one win of the 2004 Stanley Cup, and sees this season's team with the horses to capture that elusive 16th playoff victory.

"I think there are some similarities to the team that went to the Final," Iginla said of the current squad. "We have a good mixture between youth and veteran guys. The young guys bring in some extra energy and excitement. We've really enjoyed playing together as a group and we've had some success during the year. I know in '04 I was pretty excited because we were on the verge of making the playoffs for the first time in a long time and I think that carried over into the playoffs.

"This year has been an exciting year for us, too. We had a tough stretch earlier in the year, but we were able to rebound. Things are getting better and we've enjoyed that. I think we could potentially be a better team. We were one game away from winning the Stanley Cup and things fell into place there. At this point I think we're a deeper team. We've got scoring all the way through the lineup this year and our defense has been a big part of our success. Our defense does a great job of moving the puck up. I'm excited about our team this year."

This season, however, the pressure is on in Calgary and the Flames aren't taking teams by surprise.

"The expectations between this year and 2004 are totally different, there's no hiding it," Iginla said. "When we went into the playoffs in '04 we were just trying to upset teams. We were just trying to win that first round because we hadn't been in the playoffs for seven years. I don't think a lot of people were expecting us to go that far. As players, when you play you always think that you have a chance and you can win, but from the outside there wasn't that pressure. We think it's possible this year, but it's nice at the deadline when you get the confirmation from ownership and management that they believe in you and that we're going for it. We want to win the Stanley Cup. There're a lot of teams that feel the same way, but from our point of view we want to give ourselves the best position going into the playoffs and that's our goal." more......
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If they want it, they better start playing because the Canucks are the only team that can screw us up before the playoffs. The next two games are against teams that will have played in Vancover the other night. Tough games, then fly to Calgary, then have to play the Flames. If the Flames lose either of the next two games we are knocked out of first place in the North West.
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