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Should he have been suspended?

Should Ovechkin be suspended?

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I know he is not by NHL.

But what you guys think. I would suspend him.

It was intent to injure. The puck had already left his stick like 5 seconds ago.

I say YES!

Please vote above!
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Prolly not, maaaybe a couple games at the most.

This hit was kinda cheap and dirty, but so was Adam Mair's attempted kick during his fight.

Briere is still playing - albeit not as well.

Payback may just take another form. ;)

...although, if Dan's head actually hit the corner of the door opening, we would be looking at another Bert scene.
Both players really lucked out.
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faulkner91sf said:
i think pierre mcguire is the worst hockey anilyzer (spelt wrong) ever. He knows nothing about hockey, and hes a weiner.
ohh man .. too funny
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1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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