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Shootout woes a Hab-it

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Paul Maurice has been able to solve some Maple Leafs ills early in the season.

The shootout still needs some work.

The Leafs, who were 3-7 in shootouts last season, last night lost 3-2 to the Montreal Canadiens in the throw-a-football-through-a-hoop competition to decide the match after no one scored in overtime.

Months after the 2005-06 season ended, some Leafs still lament the points they did not earn in shootouts helped them miss the playoffs by two points.

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I never liked the shootout, but to be successful in the league now you'll have to win them.

One thing for sure though, it inflates a team's numbers.

Last year's Dallas Star for instance. They had 12 more points than they would have if the format was how it was in previous seasons. Because of it though, they looked much better than they're opponent in the playoffs (Colordao) was, and look at how the endd up.

They got schooled.

Still though, playoff positioning is important in a way for some teams, especially the top 4 spots. I hope the Leafs get better in that category too.
Nice to see the ygot it done right today.

Mats and Darcy scored to end it 2-0, and win a tight game 2-1. That's what I'm talking about. :cool:
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