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Have you ever dreamed of becoming a hockey superstar? Wanted to lead the league in goals and set records that nobody could ever break? Or maybe you want to be a role-player, an unsung hero leading his team to glory with heart and soul. Maybe you want to become the next brick wall between the pipes, and out-perform greats like Patrick Roy. Very few people get the chance to do this in the NHL, but now you have a chance to simulate it.

The Simulation Hockey League is a player sim league using the SimonT Hockey Simulator. The SHL is running strong, and has been for a long time. In fact, we are entering our eighth season, where nine other teams will try to dethrone the Winnipeg Jets, who have recently won their second Challenge Cup in history.

But it doesn't begin there. Before you can etch your name in history forever in the SHL, you will become one of the hottest prospects in hockey in the Northwest Junior Hockey League, the premier junior league in the world, where you will hone your skills as a member of one of eight junior teams, each of whom have a great set of staff to guide you on your journey to SHL greatness.

We are currently in the playoffs, but Season 9 of the SHL is in fast approaching. We need a lot of recruits to begin so come join to becoming the next SHL Legend.

If you have any questions about joining or creating a player, feel free to ask!

Please Put Storm as your Recruiter.
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