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Sharks Chat with Ryane Clowe

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Ryane Clowe - #29 - HEIGHT: 6'2" - WEIGHT: 215 - SHOOTS: L

Marie (Fremont): What was it like playing hockey in Newfoundland? It 's so isolated from the rest of Canada.

Ryane Clowe: It wasn't that big of a difference. So many other players grew up in small towns in Canada. It might have been a little tougher in terms of exposure, but it wasn't that much different than other small towns in Canada.

Stew Schott (Los Banos, CA): Who was your favorite player growing up? And I just wanted to say that I see a lot of similarities between you & a young Owen Nolan. Keep up the great work.

Ryane Clowe: I was a Montreal Canadiens fan growing up. I was a big Brian Bellows fan. I also liked watching a young Eric Lindros when he broke into the League. He was a true power forward and a lot of fun to watch.

Mike Verwold (Seaside, CA): Congragulations on your first career hat trick! You have been on a hot streak as of late, is there anything different you have done with your game to improve it?

Ryane Clowe: I've just tried to be more consistent and prepare well for every game. I've focused on moving my feet on the forecheck, finishing my hits and going to the net hard. Fortunately I've been rewarded lately.

Maggie and jenn (San Jose,CA): Hey Ryane, what's the weirdest thing someone asked you to sign? And who is your roommate on the road?

Ryane Clowe: The weirdest thing I've been asked to sign was probably the dashboard of a brand new Mercedes convertible. My roommate on the road is Mark Smith. He's a great roommate.

Jenni (San Jose): Hey Ryane- congrats on your first NHL Hat trick!!! Who are you closest to on the team? Thanks!!

Ryane Clowe: I've played with Josh Gorges for the past few years and before we got here. I also knew Mark Bell before he came here. We're a tight knit group, the closest team I've ever been on, but I usually hang out with those two.

Bert (Walnut Creek): Who is the strongest guy on the team? Do you guys keep records of who has the strongest squat or bench press? Congrats on the hat trick!

Ryane Clowe: We test for bench and other leg exercises, not really the squat, but tests for explosiveness during traning camp. Rob Davison and Scott Parker are both really strong on the bench. The trainers keep track of the numbers over the season.

Liz (Toronto, ON): Hey Ryane. Congrats on the hat trick! I just wanted to know why you chose to wear the number 29. Thanks and good luck for the rest of the season!

Ryane Clowe: I had No. 58 the first year I came to training camp. When I made the team, they let me pick a lower number. I had always worn No. 22, but Scott Hannan is obviously wearing that number. No. 25 and No. 11 were also open at the time, but I kind of liked No. 29, so I decided to wear that one.

lyndsay (Pleasanton, CA): What did it feel like to get a hat trick?

Ryane Clowe: It was exciting. It wasn't something that I planned on, but I got the opportunity to play on a couple of power plays and the puck just kind of found me. It was a pretty special accomplishment to get this early in your career.

Mark Lauzon (St. John's, NL): Hey Clowe, It's Lauzon, we're all proud of you back home, what advice would you give young Newfoundland hockey players to take to the rink that are wondering if they can make it to NHL? Best of luck with the rest of the year!!

Ryane Clowe: Believe in your dream. For me, I was told that I wasn't going to make it and I got cut from a lot of teams. But even if 50 people tell you that you're never going to make it to the NHL, you have to believe in your dream. Have fun, work hard and enjoy it. If you do that, you'll never know where you'll end up.

Will Poletti (Pacifica CA): Hey Ryane, I was wondering, how do you get such great hands. You fight people but you also have a scorer's touch. It's not only Thornton's perfect passes but it takes skill to put them in the back of the net. How did you develope that touch?

Ryane Clowe: Hands are something that you kind of naturally have. Playing hockey on the pond and playing with my friends growing up, it just kind of naturally came when shooting on the goal.

Kylee (Sec. 126 Row 10 seat 9/10): Whats your favorite color jersey? Black, Teal, White

Ryane Clowe: I kind of like the Black ones. I think we wear them on Thursdays. I think I like them because we wear the White and Teal ones so often, it's nice when we get to wear the Black ones.

Andrew (witless bay): Congrats on you're current hot streak. My question is how are you gunna spend the All-Star Break??

Ryane Clowe: I'm going to go to Cabo. My girlfriend came out and we're going to go with some of the other guys and their girlfriends for a relaxing break.

Sarah Edens (Cupertino): What has it been like playing on the Joe Thornton line and have you had to make any adjustments to your playing style. Also do you feel like the lines enforcer?

Ryane Clowe: Obviously it's really fun. Right now I'm on a line with two of the top five players in the world. They take my game to the next level. They both are so tough in the corners and behind the net, so I feel like I'm gonig to the net a little more. I'm working away from the puck and getting ready to make plays in front of the net.

Jason (Grass Valley, CA): What brand of stick and skate do you use? Why?

Ryane Clowe: I am using a Warrior stick and Bauer Vapor XXX skates. During traning camp, I picked the Warrior stick because of the feel and balance that it had. I've worn the Bauer skates for a while and am pretty used to those. I like that I can wear them for a couple of practices and jump right into wearing them in a game.

Collette (San Jose): Hi Ryane, You've been incredible lately! Looking forward to a loooong season this year. When you're not on the ice, what do you like to do for relaxation and fun?

Ryane Clowe: It's been going well lately and I'm looking forward for the second half of the season and the playoffs. I got a taste of the playoffs last year and I'm am anxious to get back into it. IN my free time, I like to go and catch movies, hang out and just relax. I've started to read some good books. "Your Best Life Now" by Joel Osteen was the last book I read.

Jason Santa (Grass Valley, CA): Have you had a chance to do any fishing in the pacific ocean?

Ryane Clowe: Not yet. The last time I went fishing was this past summer when my dad took me out on his boat. we went cod fishing, then came home, cleaned them, fried them up and ate them.

David T (San Jose): Ryane who is your biggest influence in hockey? Thanks! And congrat on the first NHL hat trick

Ryane Clowe: My parents have been so supportive throughout my hockey career. Like most guys would say, they were the biggest influence for me. They sacrificed so much to get me to the rinks, driving an hour back and forth each way. They were behind me 100% in choosing to make hockey my career.
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