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Bryan Murray plans to have a heart-to-heart chat with Jason Spezza.

Spezza was unhappy after the Senators were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs by the Penguins and complained to Murray about being booed by Ottawa fans.

There are indications Spezza may have asked for a trade during the meeting.

League sources say if the Senators are trying to deal Spezza they “haven’t heard” because Ottawa hasn’t actively been shopping him.

Murray wouldn’t confirm whether Spezza, who has five years and $35 million (all terms US) remaining on his contract, asked to be dealt.
I am hoping Spezza got over itand realize that this is a part of professional sports. Fans get upset and someone gets the butt end. I am sure some of those Sens fans regret booing now. Dany Heatley left the team, we don't need to push Spezza away.

Sorry folks, but Alfredsson can't do it all.
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