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Senators take exception

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Battle of Ontario heating up

Ottawa Senators enforcers Chris Neil and Brian McGrattan fired their own verbal shots in the direction of Wade Belak this morning.

While they wanted to stay away from the trash talking, Neil and McGrattan didn't like being labelled "idiots" by the Maple Leafs defenceman.

The comments from Belak came in advance of tonight's rematch of the Battle of Ontario tonight at Scotiabank Place. The Senators aren't happy winger Darcy Tucker beat up winger Patrick Eaves.

"That's a pretty big word for him (Belak). Somebody must have told it to him," said Neil . "I just look at where it's coming from."

McGrattan laughed it off.

"The guys with the biggest mouths usually can't back it up," said McGrattan. "He can call us what he wants. All I know is me and Neiler, we can back it up."

For his part, Tucker shared his thoughts about all the media attention following Tuesday night's game.

"I grew up watching the Oilers and I'm used to the hype. It's good for the game," said Tucker.

"I like the comments that everybody thinks I'm one of the tougher guys on the team. I find that amusing. I guess you guys feel that way. I've never been that way."

Then, he accused the Ottawa media of being homers.

"The writers in Ottawa obviously love their team," said Tucker. "I wish it was that way in Toronto sometimes. There, they are more even-keeled."

Anton Volchenkov, who bruised his left shoulder in the Senators 6-2 victory Tuesday, will be in the lineup.
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I hope Toronto is prepared to play Hockey, and not go chasing after players just to drop gloves.

Usually when something like this happens and something like this is said/implied, Toronto usually loses their concentration on the game itself and get blown out by Ottawa.

I'm hoping that it doesn't happen again tonight, but it doesn't look good.
I bet it's all hype, I'm sure the league spoke to both teams to warn them, like they always do!!
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