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Senators suspend prospect Kaigorodov

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Canadian Press
11/4/2006 3:48:46 PM

OTTAWA (CP) - The Ottawa Senators suspended centre Alexei Kaigorodov on Saturday for refusing to accept his assignment to the American Hockey League and announced that he planned to return to Russia.

Kaigodorov spent the past five seasons with Magnitogorsk in the Russian Super League.

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Woh. I did't expect him to react like that. He should have just accepted that he wasn't playing good enough to be in the big league.:thumbsdow
No kidding, that's what spoiled brats do when they don't get their own way, run and hide!! :thumbsdow

I guess we have another Yashin here?
Wow, after seeing what Malkin had to go through to get out of Russia, this guy seems in a hurry to get back there.
I don't think he's a big loss to ottawa(They get rid of a dead weight's salary which they'll be able to use to get competent nhl-ers should they need to).

Scouting reports on him say he was just like another Yashin. Could score, but otherwise, was soft where it really mattered. What he's doing now, proves it.

Dumb move by Kaigorodov's agent. This was his best(and only)chance at entering the nhl by allowing him to adjust to the game in the minor leagues.

Good luck to him in ever returning to this league after that stunt. I definetly won't miss him.
Woah. So he just left?

Well, it's not like he deserved a spot on the big club.

Good on Ottawa for standing firm on their ground. Maybe they can ship him off to some other team. The last thing they need is a player with that kind of attitude.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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