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Semin-Boyle Incident (Slewfoot)

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I don't know who else saw this because it was very late in the blowout by Canada and some of you may have turned you're TV's off. But Alex Semin, yes i'm not mistaking him for Alex Ovechkin, ALEX SEMIN wrecked Dan Boyle into the boards last night. It was the biggest, and possibly only hit I've ever seen Alex Semin deliver to anyone, and it was fierce. He was given a penalty because in international hockey you can't hit anyone in the head. So it was the correct call to give him a penalty, but in the NHL that is a clean check, and there would have been no call.

But then Boyle proceeded to do something, cheap and stupid. he came up from behind Semin, who didn't have the puck and was just skating up the ice. And slew foots him down to the ice. It was a very dirty play, and if it was in the NHL i think he may have been suspended.

If you saw it let me know your take on things.

And sorry, I don't have a link. you know how it is with the olympics and youtube.
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I didn't see it, since I was in the kitchen finishing up my dinner. I'll wait for someone to post a video of the situation.
great hit by semin, boyles retaliation was unnecesary and over the top (even in the nhl) considering the scoreline at the time and the fact that it the nhl and in my opinion the olympics as well theres nothing wrong with a high hit as long as its not a cheap after the whistle hit.
Depends on how high the hit is. If it's up in the head region, then it's illegal in IIHF play. I haven't seen the play in question, so I'm not sure how high the hit was.
thats genuinely dirty, haha, nah not that bad semin was movin about a tenth of that speed and and it was more of a pull down with the arm onto leg than leg under leg and hard pull down. if that makes sense?

Nothing even CLOSE to that violent.

Compared to that it was nothing more than a school yard scuffle between 8yr olds.
Ah, then it was no big deal. If it was Kostitsyn-level, I might care a bit more.

Semin and Boyle got penalties on the play, so whatever then.
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