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Semin-Boyle Incident (Slewfoot)

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I don't know who else saw this because it was very late in the blowout by Canada and some of you may have turned you're TV's off. But Alex Semin, yes i'm not mistaking him for Alex Ovechkin, ALEX SEMIN wrecked Dan Boyle into the boards last night. It was the biggest, and possibly only hit I've ever seen Alex Semin deliver to anyone, and it was fierce. He was given a penalty because in international hockey you can't hit anyone in the head. So it was the correct call to give him a penalty, but in the NHL that is a clean check, and there would have been no call.

But then Boyle proceeded to do something, cheap and stupid. he came up from behind Semin, who didn't have the puck and was just skating up the ice. And slew foots him down to the ice. It was a very dirty play, and if it was in the NHL i think he may have been suspended.

If you saw it let me know your take on things.

And sorry, I don't have a link. you know how it is with the olympics and youtube.
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Boo Hoo. That was far from a cheap slewfoot. Maybe next time Semin won't be beaking off after he hits someone. Too bad it wasn't an NHL game or maybe Boyle would have given him a shot in the head to boot.
I don't know i hear Semin can really throw em.!!!:laugh::laugh:
LMAO, ya Semin should have been a boxer.
I don't know what game you guys were watching because Boyle put him down as much with his stick across the body as anything else. IF he had really wanted to slew foot him he wouldn't have been right beside him going up the ice. He would have come from behind and taken Semin's legs out.
I agree with this post completely. Boyle should've worn the hit like a man. That retaliation was totally uncalled for.
The so called "retaliation" was for the chirping Semin did coming out of the zone. IF it was for the hit Boyle would have just smacked him when they were on the ice by the boards.

And again, how does Boyle getting wrecked give him the right to throw a cheap check at Semin while he's not looking? And again, if that were an NHL game he would have got a fine, or maybe even suspended.
LMAO Not looking? They were talking to each other.
Yeah he's talking to him right as he's slew footing him. And watch the video, it clearly shows it's a slew foot.
OK whatever. By definition it's a slew foot. Who cares? HE gets suspended maybe? Who cares?

Semin took a small liberty in nailing Boyle, but then proceded to chirp about it. He's lucky it was Olympic competition and not the NHL. Probably saved him some dental bills.
I don't know how you can say he wouldn't of done it if he wasn't talking or whatever. Believe it or not trash talking as well as checking are allowed in hockey (for the most part) but slew footing is not.
I have no problem with trash talking. But if you talk the talk be prepared to walk the walk.
I honestly just thought the play was dirty by Boyle. I'm not a fan of suspending players for slew footing, but that was just straight up cheap.

And it's not like that's the first time anyone's ever said anything in hockey. Plays talk a lot in that sport. If Boyle really had an issue with Semin he should have got in his face and said some stuff back. Take a roughing penalty if necessary, because god knows you don't fight in international play. But the slew foot without the puck, was just gutless

And I'm not sure if you've seen Semin fight but he throws a mean right slap, I'm not sure Boyle would have got off so easy.
Getting just a wee bit dramatic aren't we?
how was it not gutless? he slew footed him without the puck. It was cheap and uncalled for. And if it were Ovechkin that did what Boyle did, I know you would be saying what he did was unacceptable.
HE put the guy on the ice, big deal. I've seen a thousand worse examples of cheapness. The two of them were having a not-so friendly conversation and Semin got taken down. Maybe he should have kept his mouth shut, or skated away after the hit, or put Boyle down first? Either way the players involved have no bearing on what happened.

WHy bring Ovechkin into this?

It was a slew foot. Boyle didn't try to knee, or board Semin. ;) jk
Putting someone on the ice is no big deal. But doing it to someone without the puck, and slew footing is just stupid.
Why get youyr panties in a bunch? OH right it's Semin.

IT was an incedent away from th puck. Happens hundreds of times a month in the NHL. I really don't know why your crying so much about it, other than Semin plays for the Caps.
And I'm not saying should have said anything, he should have just skated away. But it happens, guys talk. Boyle had many other ways to deal with the situation much better.
Sure. Takng a penalty, and risking a suspension is not the best course of action. Oh well, so what? This happens all the time.

And because you're devils advocate to Ovechkin.

And Ovechkin actually had a nice slew foot on Peverly earlier this year. He got fined.
Nice to see him expanding his repetoire. As an elite player he should have a well rounded game and wide skill set.
Please show me where there is a player slew footing someone in the NHL without the puck. It's not because it's Semin, he'll most likely be out of Washington in 2 years. That's not why I'm calling the dirty hit dirty.
I didn't say slew foots happen all the time. I said incedents away from the puck happen all the time. I am not going to surf through a bunch of videos for a clip.

I didn't say you were calling the hit dirty because it was Semin. I said you are gettng your panties in a knot because it is Semin.

And I understand taking a penalty happens as well. Show me where someone takes a slew foot penalty when hitting someone without the puck.
I am sure that more than a few of the takedowns and such that happen in the NHL could be considered a slew foot.
Did it look like this guys?


Nothing even CLOSE to that violent.

Compared to that it was nothing more than a school yard scuffle between 8yr olds.
That was the only Slew foot I've seen that was worse than Boyle's


You need to keep watching. Actually you need to watch old games. It was more prevalent. I believe it was a serious injury, maybe early 90's, that actually caused the "slew foot" rule, as it was identified as a specific type of infraction.
I don't watch much hockey outside the 2000's frame. Unless it's goals or great games. I'm only 17 I really haven't seen full games outside the the 2000's.

IF my CPU and connection weren't so crappy, I might try to look it up for you.

If I remember the incedint correctly it was in front of the net, and the defender skated up to the guy standing infront and basically kicked his legs out from under him.
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