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Hello everyone,

It's that time of the season again. The Simulation Hockey League is recruiting!

It is a create-a-player league. If you guys do not know what it is, it is basically a league where you create your own players. You earn money by making articles and what not and you can make your player become the next Bobby Orr, Wayne Gretzky, Alexander Ovechkin, Sidney Crosby, Drew Doughty, Tim Thomas, etc. You will get drafted and you will strive!

First the Juniors then the big club!

All you have to do is register!


Recruited by should be "stud"

You have to wait for atleast 12 hours before your account is validated. That is usually the longest but I am pretty sure it will be just 30 minutes before you can make your player!

So sign up! I can't wait to see you there :p Just be active pretty please!

Here is an example of a player template: (for offensive forward)

If you have any questions, PM me here anytime

Player Information

First Name: Alexander
Last Name: Semin
Player Type:
Position: LW
Secondary Position:
Born: March 3, 1984 (Age 26)
Shoots: Left
Recruited By: jkrever
Jersey Number: 28
Height (ft.): 6'2"
Weight (lbs.): 208
Birthplace: Krasnojarsk, Russia

Player Attributes

Points Available: 125
CK = Checking: 50 (Max. 80)
FG = Fighting: 50 (Max. 80)
DI = Discipline: 62
SK = Skating: 50
ST = Strength: 50
EN = Endurance: 50
DU = Durability: 50
PH = Puck Handling: 50
FO = Face Offs: 50
PA = Passing: 50
SC = Scoring: 50
DF = Defense: 50 (Max. 80)
PS = Penalty Shot: 50
*EX = Experience: 80
*LD = Leadership: 50
*MO = Morale: 80
*PO = Potential: 80

OV = Overall: TBD

*Indicates attributes that cannot be edited.



Player Movement
Drafted: WAS / 1st Rd. 2002 NHL Entry Draft (13th Overall)

Career Stats:
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