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The space equator is an immense circle of the outer space globe marked out by imprecise addition of the plane of earthly equator. The extraterrestrial equator and the ecliptic cut off each other at two points twice a year (north to south once and south to north the second) as Sun go across the equator from north to south and vice versa. These two points are known as equinoctial points or the vernal equinox and the autumnal equinox.

It has been experiential and confirms mathematically that each year at the time when the Sun attains his equinoctial point of Aries, the location of the earth in orientation to some permanent stars nearly 50-1/3 of space beyond west than the earth was at the same equinoctial association of the preceding year.

The complete zodiac is subjected to this westward move. This trivial progress is known as the precession of Equinoxes. The zodiac, which believes the first degree of Aries from the equinoctial point, which has a precession every year, is the changeable zodiac or Sayana accepted by the western astrologer’s Horoscope. It is also recognized as the zodiac of Signs. The fixed of Nirayana zodiac is the location inwards at after subtracting the precession is also called zodiac of assemblage of Nirayana zodiac.

The coldness between the Hindu first point and the vernal equinox deliberate at an era is known as the "AYANAAMSA".
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