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Sabres will be tough test

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The season is just more than a week old, but the Red Wings test tonight promises to be tough as they play host arguably the best team in the Eastern Conference.

No, it's not the Stanley Cup champion Hurricanes. It's the Buffalo Sabres, the team the Hurricanes beatto win the Eastern Conference last season.

"Everybody tells me they're the best team in the East," Wings coach Mike Babcock said of the Sabres, who are 3-0. "They're really, really quick and have the ability to make a team look slow. It'll be a good test for us."

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I think this will serve as a good test. but need we remember the west is really strong and the east isnt as strong. the sabres lost alot of men last year to agency ect. and well, i dont know how much of a real test they will be.
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