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Sabres try to draw closer to mark vs. Flyers

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(Sports Network) - The Buffalo Sabres try to move their sizzling start to 6-0 tonight when they welcome the Philadelphia Flyers to HSBC Arena.

With a win the Sabres would come closer the team record for consecutive wins to start a season. The mark of eight was set in 1975-76.

The Sabres, who have won their last 10 regular-season games dating to last season, are coming off Saturday's 7-4 win over the visiting NY Rangers. Chris Drury recorded his first career hat trick and added an assist to lead the effort.

Daniel Briere had a goal and two assists and Maxim Afinogenov added a goal and an assist for the Sabres, while goaltender Ryan Miller made 19 saves. Buffalo won the match despite falling behind 2-0 in the first period.

The status of Saturday's game was in question until the morning, as the Buffalo area was still recovering from the nearly two feet of wet snow that fell on Thursday. Many homes and businesses were left without power because the heavy snow brought down power lines.

Buffalo, which is the lone unbeaten club in the Eastern Conference, will host Carolina on Friday.

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Don't wanna jinx the Sabres, but unless Hitch has managed to speed up his Phlyers ... 6 - 0 looks mighty probable. :rolleyes:
yea i think that is true, they might have a challenge at the begining of the game just like all the rest, but it looks like they are going to win this game. (hopefully)

And Richards messing up on that penalty-shot didn't help things for Philly either.

By the way, welcome to the forum, Sabresfan3. :)
thanks for the welcoming man... yea i mean if he had made that shot this could be a whole different game, but he didnt so o well
It's 5-0 for Buffalo, with 3 minutes left in the second!!! I think the Flyers are going to loose this one!! Unless a miracle happens??
panoo2004 said:
It's 5-0 for Buffalo, with 3 minutes left in the second!!! I think the Flyers are going to loose this one!! Unless a miracle happens??
6-0 now! Afinogenov another point for my hockey pool!:D but whats up with Esche!
WHOLLY @#$%, it's 9-1, and there's still 15 minutes to play in the third!!!!

I guess we can safely say that Buffalo has this game!!! :laugh:
yea i also think we can say that we have won this game and i think it is safe to say that we are going to go double digits
Stalled @ 9-1

... must be some kind of unspoken Mercy Rule
LOL! Probably... who knows. You don't think it'd end there. :dunno:

But man, what a beating. What a beating.

I think Esche will be a little more queit now.

Buffalo looks great... like they have for quite a while now.

9-1?! That's insane!!! :eek:
yea i know they look amazing so far,6-0, but now they face carloina i think they will have a little trouble with them again.
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