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masterofhockeyknowledge said:
Wow, this has oughta be the best post I've seen. Not only did you NOT summarize but you didn't type a single word and put a source, trying to get more posts on hockeyforum. Well it doesn't work that way. Next time you do this you will be given a punishment.

aww, Sweetheart, im just trying to get topics started that may draw some interest to the others.;) Im trying to update all teams instead of there being nothing in them.

Its not to run up post totals. I could care less about that. If the moderators would like me to quit I will.Im trying to make it more interesting to maybe a sabres fan, where there is nothing posted in the sabres section, I really cant talk about the game cause i didnt watch it. If I had center ice I would, I dont like commenting on games when I myself, have not watched them. this is all I'm going to say on the topic.

but who says I have to listen to you.:D

ya know, if you don't like it please dont respond to it. Im tired of coming in and seeing yet again something mean from your posts. Please stop

And FTR i dont see moderator under your name.:eek:

Have a great day sweetheart, Manda:eek:

PS: refer to my signature, the herb brooks quote! WORD!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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