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Yeep which I see as a good thing. :) More help for Miller I would hope :p
Yeah, with bigger size we'll have better defensive d-man, but we did lose some offense/defense from Tallinder and Lydman. But hopefully we won't be over sized by any other team. Leopold and Morrisonn are going to have to step up big time defensivley and offenseivley to recover the loss of Tallinder and Lydman. But the advantage we have out of these d-man is size.

Myers (6'8)
Morrisonn (6'4)
Leopold (6'1)
Rivet (6'2)
Sekera (6'0)
Montador (6'0)

We'll have much bigger d-man this year. But don't forget the offense... I think we need improvement there as well. But with the prospects we have like Luke Adam,Mcnabb,Zack Kassian,ect-. It's only gonna get better for the sabres in the future.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts