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Sabourin Gone

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"The Vancouver Canucks claimed G Dany Sabourin off waivers from the Pittsburgh Penguins. Sabourin, last year's Aldege “Baz” Bastien Memorial Award winner as the AHL's best goaltender was put on waivers on Tuesday by Ray Shero.

The Penguins had a full 23-man roster when they picked forward Chris Thorburn from the Buffalo Sabres on Tuesday, and Shero decided to place Sabourin on waivers of all players he had available to make room for Thorburn, even though Sabourin had been considered by most as the best goaltender during the Penguins camp.
Good move from Nonis to get more goaltending depth. Sabourin does not have much or good NHL experience, but you cannot go wrong by adding the "best AHL goaltender" to your roster. Typically the best AHL goaltender is more capable than half the NHL backups, so Vancouver cannot go wrong with this move."

Great move by Nonis, By the way Ray Shero seems to have lost his mind if found please call him at 555-0000. The pens hot line is always open. What an idiot, why not put andre roy on waivers?

Hockey Trade Rumors - Vancouver claims Sabourin
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