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[RUMOURS] Multiple Canucks Rumours

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This guy at The Globe and Mail has been reporting some interesting rumours about the Canucks, anyone care to discuss?

Here's his Twitter page:!/Vanstrom_BC

Now to the rumours..

1. Cory Schneider - Multiple Rumours:

To New Jersey with a 1st round pick for Zach Parise
- if Gillis could actually pull this off I would go insane, Parise is awesome and him on the 2nd line with fellow American Kesler would be a dream.. imagine our PP!

To Florida for David Booth + picks
- not too sure about this one, Booth's contract is too high for his skill level (so far).. he hasn't shown he can be a top scorer in the NHL yet

To Tampa Bay for Steve Downie + picks
- ya know I actually wouldn't mind this, Downie is a really gritty guy that can score.. he would be a great 2nd or 3rd liner for us

To Toronto for Nikolai Kulemin + picks
- not feeling this one.. Kulemin has great hands, but he's too soft physically

2. Canucks openly shopping Ballard, Hodgson, Raymond, and Samuelsson league-wide:

Not really a surprised about Ballard, Raymond/Samuelsson I could live without, and Hodgson I wouldn't mind letting go of if we could get someone decent in return (i.e. package him with someone else for a 2nd liner).

3. Canucks interested in Hemsky:

I don't like this one... Hemsky is good when he's healthy, but once again another soft euro that doesn't hit and is very injury prone.

4. Chris Campoli:

According to Vanstrom, Gillis has been planning to offer Campoli a contract since early July. Yesterday when Campoli was officially deemed UFA he said Gillis will be contacting him within the next 24 hours. As crazy as it sounds, I would actually take this guy. If we can get him cheap he would be a great 5-6 defenseman.

Anyways, that's all I'm going to post for now.. those are the only major ones mentioned so far. I will update when more are reported.

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I don't think Ballard will be dealt for...
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