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[RUMOURS] Multiple Canucks Rumours

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This guy at The Globe and Mail has been reporting some interesting rumours about the Canucks, anyone care to discuss?

Here's his Twitter page:!/Vanstrom_BC

Now to the rumours..

1. Cory Schneider - Multiple Rumours:

To New Jersey with a 1st round pick for Zach Parise
- if Gillis could actually pull this off I would go insane, Parise is awesome and him on the 2nd line with fellow American Kesler would be a dream.. imagine our PP!

To Florida for David Booth + picks
- not too sure about this one, Booth's contract is too high for his skill level (so far).. he hasn't shown he can be a top scorer in the NHL yet

To Tampa Bay for Steve Downie + picks
- ya know I actually wouldn't mind this, Downie is a really gritty guy that can score.. he would be a great 2nd or 3rd liner for us

To Toronto for Nikolai Kulemin + picks
- not feeling this one.. Kulemin has great hands, but he's too soft physically

2. Canucks openly shopping Ballard, Hodgson, Raymond, and Samuelsson league-wide:

Not really a surprised about Ballard, Raymond/Samuelsson I could live without, and Hodgson I wouldn't mind letting go of if we could get someone decent in return (i.e. package him with someone else for a 2nd liner).

3. Canucks interested in Hemsky:

I don't like this one... Hemsky is good when he's healthy, but once again another soft euro that doesn't hit and is very injury prone.

4. Chris Campoli:

According to Vanstrom, Gillis has been planning to offer Campoli a contract since early July. Yesterday when Campoli was officially deemed UFA he said Gillis will be contacting him within the next 24 hours. As crazy as it sounds, I would actually take this guy. If we can get him cheap he would be a great 5-6 defenseman.

Anyways, that's all I'm going to post for now.. those are the only major ones mentioned so far. I will update when more are reported.

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Getting rid of Ballard would be a surprise. He had a rough go no doubt however I just don't see anyone wanting his salary for starters. And he may very well have people forgetting last year before you know it. He'll work out.

I can't see how anyone can't see what Schnieds is all about; I am with FF here, I am one of those in Lotus land that would welcome Schnieds as our guy. And management is saying all the right things where Luongo is concerned. Ala, "he's our guy, cornerstone" blah blah blah.

Mike Richards just got traded....anyone can be traded.

If MG trades Hodgson I'll puke in my mouth. And if he does decide to do something that demented I hope it's to Wpg cause that team needs a #1 center and future captain like right now.

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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