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In the East we have:
1)Moncton vs 8)Victoriaville
2)Bathurst vs 7)PEI
3)Cape Breton vs 6)Saint John's
4)Lewiston vs 5) Halifax

In the West we have:
1)Quebec vs 8)Val'dor
2)Chicoutimi vs 7)Baie-Comeau
3)Rouyn-Noranda vs 6)Shawinigan
4)Gatineau vs 5)Drummondville

Im taking:

Moncton in 5
Bathurst in 6
Cape Breton in 6
Halifax in 6

Quebec in 5
Chicoutimi in 4
Rouyn-Noranda in 7
Drummondville in 6
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Moncton defeats Victoriaville in 6
Bathurst defeats PEI in 7
Cape Breton defeats Sain John in 6
Halifax defeats Lewiston 6

Quebec defeats Val d'Or in 4
Chicoutimi (Great team) defeats Baie-Comeau in 7
Shawinigan defeats Rouyn-Noranda in 7
Drummondville (One of my all time favourite QMJHL teams) defeat Gatineau in 7

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So far we have Quebec(5 games), Cape Breton (5 games), Moncton(5 games), Bathurst(6 games), Chicoutimi(Sweep) and Shawinigan (5 games) to make it to the quarters.

Who will win hte final series?

Halifax/Lewiston- 3-2 HAL ill take Halifax
Drummondville/Gatineau- 3-3 tied Drummondville pulls it out in game 7
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