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Coach Scott Gordon said “there’s a good chance” DiPietro (knee) will be ready for training camp, the Islanders’ Blog by Newsday reports.

Recommendation: The coach said the therapy is “going better than expected” but would not commit to DiPietro being ready for the start of camp as he expected him to be a few months ago. “You can’t be for sure when he’ll be set to go,” Gordon was quoted. It appears DiPietro will be at camp, but since the team will not commit to a firm timetable, when and how much he is able to handle is anybody’s guess at this point.
As the islanders are collecting as many top picks as they can to try to turn the team around and try to reclaim some of their old glory, Can the islanders become a solid team with so much money tied up in DiPietro and every year hoping that not only does he stay in one piece, but that he can play halfway decent.
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