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What number did Maurice Richard wear before #9

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Richard #9

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Many people know that #9 has been worn some of the greatest hockey players of all time but does anybody know what number Maurice Richard wore before #9 and what the two reasons were for making the switch?

I'll answers guesses to the reasons in the thread and give the full explaination at the end of the poll.
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habs11s said:
He changed his # from 15 i think to 9 because his first child (his daughter) weighted 9 pounds.. and he thought that # would give him the strength and something to fight for...
Yeah his first born weighed 9 pounds (poor mom) and also Charlie Sands left Montreal for the bright lights of New York which freed up the number.

Interesting side note to it all - Maurice Richard only played 16 games his rookie year before breaking his leg and what number did Henri wear when he joined the big club? 16. Completely unrelated however just unique. Henri got 16 because Elmer Lach retired the year before and the number was open when he made the club. Because he couldn't speak English and protest it he just took the jersey and only won 11 Stanley Cups with it on his back...
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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