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Who do you think should be Republican Nominee John McCain's running mate?

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I'd like an honest Republican opinion on McCain's selection of Sarah Palin.
My thoughts on Palin is she is perfect in this election. Why?

What has Obama been running on? Change, history, hope, new type of politics, new type of politician, changing Washington.

Good, great, nice ideals. Good idea, decent platform considering he has no experience in any of these things.

So, what does he do? He picks a boring white guy who has been around Washington for a decade longer than McCain. That's not change. That's not reform. That's not new politics. Biden is a train wreck of a politician and shows how much of an idiot he is every time he opens his mouth.

No, McCain knows he is an older guy, and considering what Obama has been running on his entire 19 months of campaigning, what does he do? First off, he picks someone in her 40s, young, energetic, enthusiastic. He picks a woman, some will say this is to pick up snubbed Hillary voters. I'll say that may play a part, but I also think it defeats Obama's ability to run on the "History" campaign. Also, it's change, as it could be the first woman as VP. He picks Palin who has never spent time in Washington. He picks someone who has fought corruption in her own party. He picks someone who has taken strong stances on the issues and has no problem communicating her views - something Obama has been unable to do as he has voted present nearly 130 times rather than casting a for or against legislation.

McCain knows he's taken some central, even slightly liberal stances on some legislation and he knows his views are not strong conservative. Palin is. Palin rallies the conservative base. McCain has crossed party lines on legislation, Obama has not.

Palin is everything and more than what Obama was running on when he talked about change and hope, new politics, new politicians.

Obama's campaign has shown they are not above the politics of smearing and lying and distortion as they've attacked Palin's daughter and smeared her character without giving all the facts, especially around her alleged abuse of power case. They won't tell you all the things the ex-brother-in-law cop did to get himself in trouble prompting the demand for his firing.

There is simply an overwhelming about of double standard an hypocrisy out there. Obama has no experience and he's touted as representing change. Palin has little experience in some areas and she's knocked as inexperienced and clueless.

Biden is touted as heroic and strong for taking public office after his wife and child were killed and he became a single parent of two boys. Palin is questioned about her priorities and called a failed mother for running for VP while her husband is home with the kids. McCain is knocked for being crocked, in the pockets of certain industries, etc for having 7 homes, which happen to be investment properties, but Obama is praised as being successful for getting a sweatheart deal with a convicted slum lord from Tony Rezko.

I just get tired of hearing Democrats tell us that it's patriotic to pay our taxes and we should be giving more to charities when the tax returns of Obama and Biden both show they didn't do what they're telling us we should do with our money. I'm tired of the do as I say, not as I do mentality from the Democratic party.

The last 16 years of leadership by our Presidents was by men who were previously governors of their states before being elected president. Palin is a governor.

I don't know that she's the best person of all available, but in the context of this election, I don't think there is a better candidate.

I wouldn't have been surprised if Michael Steele was nominated either. I wouldn't be surprised if Palin runs for POTUS in 2012 with Michael Steele or Bobby Jindal as her VP.
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