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New member here. Looking for some expert guidance.

I'm not a super advanced player or anything (men's c league), but have decent skills.

Anyway, I'm old school and when I got back into the game after many, many years layoff 5 years ago, I bought a couple Easton SC6 sticks. Real tanks, but I didn't know any better and grew used to them. After they wore out, I bought a couple of SE6 sticks. A little lighter, maybe a little better performance, but played similar. My last SE6 stick is on its last legs. Both those sticks were in the Synergy line. Along the way I also tried the S14, but didn't like it. It felt too tinny and I felt I didn't didn't have as heavy of a shot as with the other 2 sticks. The guy at Total Hockey told me the MAKO line was in the Synergy line, and that I would get a similar feel with the M1. I bought it and don't like it. If I try to to shoot the smae way as my SE6, I can't even get the puck off the ice. Both sticks supposedly have a low kick point, same flex (85) and same hook.

Any advise? I would like to stay with Easton, but that's not set in stone.
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