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Get Rid Of Holland & Build Defense

The biggest problem with the Wings is Ken Holland. Why does Holland insist on going after dinosaur players who can no longer produce? Holland wanted to go after Rolloson instead of grooming Legace. Rolloson is not an elite goal tender, but Edmonton's strong defense is what made them unstopable. I don't think the answer is Osgood or seeking out Belfour, but hanging in there with Manny and getting some strong, physical defenseman. Shanny has terrific regular seasons, but is absent come play off. I would like to see Yzerman go out with a cup and think he will make a difference if he stays healthy. Lidstrom is not as great as he used to be, and all Chelios does is whine. The Wings need a strong, young, and physical team. Holland tends to look at goaltending without considering the defense. Granted, Legace let up some soft goals, but Edmonton's unbeliveable amount of blocked shots is what put the Wings away.
The Wings should dump Holland and find a GM that looks at the whole picture.
Groom Legace and maybe put Jimmy Howard as back-up and then scout for some physical defensemen.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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