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2003 has produced one of the greatest abundance of impact players the league has ever seen.

With so many great players picked in the 1st round, it is easy to forget guys like Pavelski, Byfuglien and Enstrom were all very late picks.

Actual draft # in ().

1. Eric Staal (2)
2. Zach Parise (17)
3. Ryan Getzlaf (19)
4. Shea Weber (49)
5. Cory Perry (28)
6. Mike Richards (24)
7. Ryan Suter (7)
8. Dustin Byfuglien (245)
9. Jeff Carter (11)
10. Ryan Kesler (23)

HoM: Pavelski(205), Vanek(4), Seabrook(14), Brown(13), Enstrom(239), Burns(20), Bergeron(45), Fleury(1)

I know there are some great arguments to be made for other players or different orders. Let's hear 'em, and post your own list.

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1. Shea Weber
2. Eric Staal
3. Zach Parise
4. Ryan Suter
5. Marc-Andre Fleury
6. Ryan Getzlaf
7. Corey Perry
8. Mike Richards
9. Jeff Carter
10. Brent Seabrook

I think Fleury needs to be in the top 10. He may not put up sexy numbers, but he knows how to win games. I'm not as big a Byfuglien fan as some. In fact, I'd probably take his teammate Enstrom over him. The last spot was pretty much a tie between Seabrook, Brown, and Kesler. Since I have a weakness for defensemen who can lay people out, I went with Seabrook.
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