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Razor at his sharpest

February 02, 2007

TORONTO (CP) -- Andrew Raycroft's goaltending statistics aren't nearly good enough to earn him any awards this season, but he's playing his best hockey at the right time.

As he headed into the showers after practice Friday, he was 28th in goals-against average, 2.94, and 32nd in save percentage, .898, among all NHL netminders who have made at least 20 appearances.

The numbers don't matter. The important thing is that he's been playing his best hockey when it matters most. The Leafs, locked in a battle for a playoff spot that looks as if it'll go down to the schedule's last weekend, have won three in a row and six of their last eight, and Raycroft has been a big factor in the resurgence.

"We've played well," he said. "There've been shots on net but there haven't been a lot of three-on-ones and breakaways.

"We haven't taken a lot of penalties either. It's a lot easier when it's five-on-five rather than five-on-four all night. That makes a huge difference."
Good to see that he's able to get some recognition for his solid play for the Leafs.

The team on whole is playing much better in fron of him, and he's been having to play superb to keep this team close to a playoff spot.
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