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This thread is about rating movies you have viewed in your life. You can rate movies that you liked or dislike. You are aloud to post as many times as you want: but remember don't do the same movie twice. If another user rated a movie don't rate the movie he just did. Choose another movie. Rate it out of 10 like IMDB.

1=Disturbing; worst movie ever.
3=Very Bad
5=Pretty Bad
6=It was okay
7=Pretty good
9=Awesome/Very good

I will start off by rating a movie I saw:

Memento (2000) Crime, mystery
Actors: Guy Pearce, Carrie Anne Moss
Directed by: Christopher Nolan

My rating: 7.1 out of 10=Pretty good

Plot: Memento is about a man who suffers from memory loss (Guy Pearce,) who's wife is brutally murdered. He uses tatoos and take pictures to remember what events happened.

What I liked about the film: I liked how Christopher Nolan, the director of Batman Begins, put this film continuosly in reverse sequence. I like movies that include reverse sequences. I think Reservoir Dogs or Pulp Fiction originally started off with the idea but I like it. I also like how actor Guy Pearce narrated the whole movie. He was a great actor. Guy Pearce's best job as an actor. I like the plot how Guy Pearce is has memory loss and uncovers the murder.

What I disliked about the film: It was sort of confusing at some points. They repeatedly showed the same scene over and over. I didn't really get it when Guy Pearce murdered Natalie's husband Jimmy. It is pretty confusing. You have to follow it carefully.

I would recommend this movie to people who like psychological and confusing movies like Donnie Darko, etc. I find psychological movies pretty good. This movie also has the director from Batman Begins, a great movie.
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Here's another movie I will rate:

Pulp Fiction (1994) Crime, Action, Comedy
Actors: John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Tim Roth, Harvey Keitel, Amanda Plummer, Bruce Willis, Uma Thurman, Ving Rhames.
Directed by: Quentin Tarantino

My Rating: 9.3 out of 10=Awesome/very good

Plot: It's based on four stories of the lives of a boxer (Bruce Willis), two gangsters (John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson), and a kingpin's wife (Uma Thurman).

What I liked about it: Samuel L. Jackson was a great actor; Bruce Willis did his best acting in a motion picture I have ever seen out of all his movies. I liked how Tarantino did some clips in reverse sequence. Some of the jokes they put in it are very funny and match with the film.

What I disliked about it: Nothing really. I just hated it when when big Marcellus was raped by that racist gay cop and *******. That was disturbing and they put music that tried to make the scene funny. Luckily Butch wasn't raped by them.

I would recommend this movie to people who liked Rservoir Dogs and gangster movies. Also people whom really enjoy watching good movies that are well made. This movie is bad***.
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