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He's been doing this as long as he can remember and while he knew he was going to miss it, he didn't bargain on how much he'd miss the sense of excitement shared by every NHL team this time of the season.

"I've got this knot in my stomach because there's nothing to get up for," he says.

So he sits and waits. At 63, he should probably be looking for a soft front-office job to begin his hockey dotage but he still finds the lure of coaching to be irresistible. He might get another chance. He might not. But whatever happens in the near future, it appears the game will have to quit him before he quits the game.

"No, I'm not someone who looks forward to getting up and going to the golf course," Pat Quinn answers when asked if he's considered retiring. "I'm going to have to find something. I've been really lucky. I've had something to look forward to every day.

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