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Quebec City says 2008 world hockey championships have new budget plan

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Canadian Press
Jan 29, 2007, 11:36 AM EST

QUEBEC (CP) - Quebec City Mayor Andree Boucher says the 2008 world hockey championships will go ahead as planned and funding for the $11-million event has been put in place.

Quebec City is to co-host the 2008 edition of the world hockey championship with Halifax, but planning for the event has been plagued by problems.

Boucher said today a new budget with some existing money being reallocated and a new organizing committee will get the championship on track.

Six-million-dollars of government money will be reallocated from the budget to celebrate Quebec City's 400th birthday in 2008.

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So things are back on track?

Phew, that would have sucked for Halifax if they got dragged down because Quebec City couldn't get it together.
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