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Have a bunch of ccm stage 2s prostock team sticks for sale lookimg for 149

[email protected]

Let me know if interested also can get skates gloves anything for cheaper than anywhere on the internet let me know send me and email


Hi, everyone

Iove this site! Been reading for a while looking to start selling hockey gear online..

I am a skills training hockey coach for 6 years and train all types of players from junior to minor hockey ages 9 to 20.. I have been building a strong reputation and have many players that I have trained into junior and college hockey.

I have access to prostock stick threw ccm, Bauer, Warrior, Sherwood ext.

One of my very close friends owns a hockey shop and I have started supplying junior teams with there sticks and skates for the hockey seasons.

I am looking to expand and sell to individuals or groups.

Right now if your looking for ccm stage2 sticks pro stock I can supply.. Also Bauer supreme pro stock
Warrior is also coming out with there team stick and will have more info soon..

As for retail gear skates sticks I can get anything you would be interested in and would be able to beat any price on the internet..

We will be getting the new tacks skates very soon and sticks they are really nice have a pair now and stick love them..

Long story short I want to start my own online shop and think this is a great way to start building.

[email protected] is my email for questions
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