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This thread is supposed to be a gigantic thread. On this thread you will predict the upcoming games and which teams will win. I will organize it all. I will post the standings of the people who participated in each day.

I will start off by posting my predictions of Friday March 17 games:

Canucks versus Blue Jackets= Blue Jackets win
Flyers versus Lightning= Lightning win
Islanders versus Panthers= Panthers win
Mighty Ducks verus Black Hawks= Mighty Ducks win after Emilio Estevez coached them so well.

That is all of the Friday games. Come on people let's see you participate!
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Okay these are the March 14' 2006 standings and winners to those who participated:

1. Masterofhockeyknowledge (Me) 3 games right- 1 wrong
2. jmtznr0th 2 games right- 2 games wrong

Thank you for all participating. I exxpect more people to participate on March 18th!
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March 18 2006 games:
Hurricanes defeat Bruins
Stars defeat Sharks
Canadiens defeat Penguins
Sabres defeat Senators
Rangers defeat Maple Leafs
Capitals defeat Panthers
Flyers defeat Thrashers
Flames defeat Predators
Oilers defeat Red Wings
Kings defeat Blues

We need participators!
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Well, I was the only person who participated on the March 18th games. I was 2 Right and 7 Wrong. If more people participated someone could have beaten me.

March 19th games:
Phoenix defeat Chicago
Tampa Bay defeat NYI
Anaheim defeat Columbus
Minnesota defeat Calgary
Ottawa defeat New Jersey
Pittsburgh defeat Toronto
San Jose defeat Colorado
Vancouver defeat Detroit :thumbsdow I know it will happen though...I'm going to it later on today :thumbsdow.
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shanny14 said:
Now thats encouraging. :dunno:
If you have something to say in this thread you MUST participate in the predictions of games.

I was the only person who participated on March 19. I was 5-3. Here are my predictions for Monday March 20th games.

NYR defeat Boston
Montreal defeat Washington
Florida defeat Tampa Bay
Buffalo defeat Atlanta
Nashville defeat St. Louis
Dallas defeat Anaheim
L.A defeat Colorado
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