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Please help me to vote for players! I do not want anything bad, do not want to spam just want your help, or you help?

Administrator, please remove before my message out, read it. :( Hi all! Sorry for my English language skills:). I use a translation program. I do not want spam, but would only ask for your help.
Is the situation that our opponents fans vote very much, but we have very few voters, so ask for your help. Or you can vote only once, because you have a lot here and have the strength in you, I like very NHL. NHL plays in our national hockey players. NHL is the strongest league around the world and a will at all times. If you vote by every once then vote reach several thousand, I would be very grateful. Voting will not take much time. Nobalsojiet only for those players that I write to you if you agree. Also, if your admins agree, I know that you do not know us, but if you could help in the voting. You have many fans, I have the pleasure of it. U.S. and Canada are a lot of my relatives, but I have not seen. When soon I will go to the U.S. I certainly would become a passionate NHL fans. I live in the U.S. only grandfather, because the rest are dead: (. Grandfather never seen live, but very eager. If we will be held at the world hockey championship in 2016, we will be able to organize your home and show the fans of the city. I'm from the Latvian. or be able to vote? I have so needed your votes. If we held at the Ice Hockey World Championships 2016, we will be able to organize your home and show the fans of the city. I am from the Latvian. Or be able to vote? I so need your votes:).

Vote For Dinamo Riga palyers!!!
We need your vote!
Please visit homepage and vote for Dinamo Riga players:


GK: Holt Christopher (From USA)

D: 1. Galvins Guntis
2. Redlihs Krisjanis

F: 1. Karsums Martins
2. Sprukts Janis
3. Redlihs Mikelis


GK:1. Garnett Michael (from Canada)

D: 1. Dallman Kevin (from Canada)
2. Sopel Brent (from Canada)

F: 1. Robitaille Randy(from Canada)
2. Simon Chris (from Canada)
3. Gratton Josh(From Canada)

Please vote! :)
Thx for voting!!!
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