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Picking an NHL team - Your Advice

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I should explain a little about me, and how I find myself looking to pick my NHL team. I grew up in South USA, I wrestled, played football, baseball, & golf. That said I LOVE to play because I am ultra competitive. but as an adult, I generally could carless about watching any of those sports, I only mention this because it means I have NEVER had to pick a professional sports franchise to be a fan. Probably why this is so tough, what criteria do you use to even pick a pro team?

Now the one sport I always loved watching as a child, but never got to play because where I live we have only seen snow twice in 50+ years, is you guessed it, HOCKEY!!! My Dad used to take me to the Atlanta Flames games, but when they moved and became Calgary Flames, well I no longer had Hockey in my life. Fast forward 40+ years and I talk my wife into watching Goon, she had never seen it, I thought she would hate it, but she LOVED it! So as we were talking about it, it came out she had never seen a hockey game. So next day I looked online and found out we had a team, the Pensacola Ice Flyers, with a minor league, the SPHL. I bought tickets for us to go see them. This was around the beginning of this season, and honestly do not know what happened or why, but we have become Hockey fanatics. After the first game we went to every home game after that. We have already bought season tickets for next year. We are collecting hockey themed stuff. We are not normally passionate people, but something about this sport, culture and other fans has drawn us in.

So I am asking how you picked your Pro NHL Team?

Here are my thoughts so far, The Flames seem nostalgic, but it was the connection to me being from Atlanta, so them being in Calgary now doesn't have any significance. Although I do LOVE Canada too, so picking a team from Canada is most def on the table. Then there are the Bruins, I like the history, the legends (Looking at you Don Cherry) and honestly, I am a web designer, I like the style and colors. Then there is the recent news of Ryan Reynolds investment group trying to get the Ottawa Senators, me and the wife both love Ryan, so if he buys them, it would have some emotional connection there with the team and I also think he will be very active in making them a powerhouse in the future. And then there are so many other great ones to choose, how did you all figure out who to choose? Thanks for your stories and advice, looking forward to hearing what people think.
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I grew up during the Islanders "dynasty" years of the 80s and they were local so it was easy to cheer for them (and not for those g-awful win-nothing Rangers). I played intramural hockey in college (goalie) so I really got into the game. I went with the Islanders until I moved to Minnesota, where the North Stars were the team. They actually got to the Stanley Cup finals a couple of times. So, eh. North Stars fan. Then their owner decided to move them to Texas (something about the mutual reciprocity laws of both states mumble mumble). For some reason I never became a Dallas Stars fan. Maybe still ticked at the owner for the move.

Enter the Minnesota Wild. They haven't been a great team, but they're major league hockey and they were smart enough to plant their flag on the whole "State of Hockey" business (it's a big deal in Minnesota; the NHL arena is filled for the boys' high school tournament finals). The company I worked at was a Wild sponsor and I lucked into lower bowl season tickets. I've spent more money on worse stuff. So I was a STH for two years. I dropped the season tickets because tbh the product the Wild was putting on the ice in the early '00s was not worth what a pair of season tickets cost and because the team was so bad it's not like people were falling over themselves to buy single-game tickets I didn't want to use.

Now the Wild are, well, they're contenders if they show up for the entire 60 minutes of a game, which they now do most times. I try to catch the games I can but I've got a lot of competing demands on my time. I'm hoping for more than a one-and-done on the playoffs this year.

Anyone else?
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