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Philly's 9 Year $60 Million Dollar Goalie

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Bryzgalov: “I Have Zero Confidence In Myself”

“We didn’t have problems playing the puck on the ice. Not [Wednesday], not [Thursday],” said Bryzgalov. “I just can’t stop the puck. That’s it. It’s very simple. You can’t ask more from the forwards, they scored eight goals and we’re still losing. Obviously it’s terrible goalie. It’s me.”“i-have-zero-confidence-in-myself”/

Now I think this guy is a good goalie, but if he doesn't turn this around quick... Wow!
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This is a team that relies very heavily on Pronger. He played 33 minutes against the habs in the playoffs two years ago a couple of times. Any team who gives this kind of term - especially to a goalie - is in trouble. Has it worked out for anybody? You have to think that over 11 years someone will develop in the system, Look at Van. Look at NYI. Goalies max should be 5 year deals. With skaters there's a little bit of leeway especially for rich teams but even there these massive deals always hurt teams in the end.

But Philly panicked. Snider panicked. I know Briz is good. I know he plays well under Prongers leadership. But he was crap in the playoffs. No one who was that bad albeit over 4 games but 4 very important games should be getting this kind of deal. Briz is a middle of the pack number one, not an elite goalie - 11 Years - MISTAKE!
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There was a goal the other night where we had 4 guys looking towards our own goals, all within 4ft of the goals and not one of them was covering a Jet coming right down the centre of them. There have been some really bad passes in our end, the defense has been pinching in the offensive zone and Bryz has played the puck quite a few times when he should have held onto it.
Defensive issues, particularly forwards missing assignments will be part and parcel with having so many young guys in important roles. Guys that they traded were older and more responsible but these young kids will figure it out. It is pretty nice for Philly fans to know that their team is still learning to play together but is so deep that even in this apparent crisis mode they're a damn good team.
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