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The Perfect Insanity Ball Street/Ball Hockey club is looking for 2 defenseman, a forward and goalie for the upcoming Play On! 2006 Tournament coming to Edmonton on August 26 and ending on the 27th. We are looking for people from ages 19 or under as of August 27th and who have at least some experience with ball or ice hockey. Any experience is good. We will be looking more at if the play will on fit the team and fill the void then just at the players individual skills.

We have two confirmed players and one iffy player so we are open to anyone at this point. If you are interest in playing for the team please visit and either go to the OTHER section and apply or go to the message board and leave an application. Also keep in mind that the players that do not make the team will also have to choice of joining our backup roster where a player from that squad would be brought onto the main team in the event or injure or whatever other circumstance. If there are enough remaining players, we may also enter in another team into Play On!. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at [email protected].
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