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Andy Murstein, perhaps the local fan favorite because he has been adamant about wanting to keep the team in Pittsburgh. Murstein, president of Medallion Corp. in New York, has several minority partners, including Apollo Management, a private investment firm that bought Pittsburgh-based General Nutrition Companies and, through an affiliate, the U.S. Steel Tower, Downtown.

Previously named partners with Murstein are Pittsburgh natives Mark Cuban, the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks, and Dan Marino, the former Pitt and Hall of Fame Miami quarterback, as well as a Shadyside real-estate firm, Walnut Capital.

It is believed that the Murstein group's bid is not the highest, but that it indicates cash up front would not be a problem.
Lawrence Gottesdiener, chairman and CEO of Northland Investment Corp., near Boston has said he would either keep the team in town or investigate moving it to Hartford.
Those two are definitely the most interesting. Mark Cuban and Dan Marino both in on things to try and keep the team around. Cuban has money... lots of money. It could be beneficial to the team, ala "Eugene Melnyk". A new arena (or at least some very expensie renovations) would almost surely be on the way. Yeah, I know he's a bit of a maniac, but if that keeps the Penguins in Pittsburgh, than all power to him.

Then there is the other bid I quoted. I wouldn't mind a team in Hartford at all. With that said, if a team were to be brought there, I wouldn't want it to be what would end up as that "former" Penguins Franchise. I don't want them to move at all. I mean, the history... and Lemieux.

Hopefully they can work things out, and Hockey remains in Pittsburgh. It's a huge part of the NHL.

marriott said:
I think it all comes down to an arena. If no one can get an arena built the team is definetly going to move.
That might be the case.
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