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Peca's status up in the air

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10/17/2006 4:19:36 PM

Michael Peca has definitely had time lately to reflect on his history of hip flexor problems. Peca was held out of practice for the fourth consecutive time yesterday, from an injury he originally suffered in an Oilers uniform. The injury occurred three games before the Turin Olympics and Peca was held out of action for a few games following.

The Globe and Mail reported Leafs' management would determine today whether Peca will be fit for a home game against the Colorado Avalanche Wednesday.

The Toronto Star quoted Head Coach paul Maurice as stating, "He's improved but I'll put him at ‘questionable' maybe.”

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Jesus says : Pecas checking skills and faceoff capabilities will be missed against a team like the Avalanche. Here's to a quick return.
He's been penciled into tomorrow's game against the Avalanche (techinally tonight as it's past midnight).

Hopefully he plays. They'll need him.
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