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Ovechkin smacks camera

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what a baby. sid is a crybaby? nope. ovechkin.
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Yes, how do you think they camera got like a foot away from his face?

And I don't care if that was Crosby either. When you're on the phone, after a huge loss and someone is trying to stick a camera in you're face what are you going to do? smile and wave. No, the guys lucky he didn't kick the **** out of him.

And other people are agreeing with me, so it's not just me
Guess, what! Ovachicken is a super star, a public figure people are gonna take his picture, ask for interviews. he'll be lucky if the person holding the camera doesn't file charges. If he didn't want attention he should have took up working @ Mcdonalds instead of hockey.

The Guy holding the Camera was standing there filming, Ovachicken and his crew walked past him and grabbed his Camera, the guy holding the Camera didn't walk up to Ovachicken, he's just acting like a brat thats all.
wow, you're real mature. calling him Ovachicken. And of course he's a super star. People will take his picture, people will want his autograph, people we want to talk to him. But the guy just lost a huge game, he was talking on his phone, he obviously didn't want to be bothered but one retard had to be stupid and shove a camera in his face, you think any other player wouldn't of reacted the same way. What the hell do you think Avery would have done?

don't post if you're just going to make fun of players you don't like, because if that was Crosby you would be backing him all day.
LoL you think I was the first person to call him Ovachicken? The person has every right to film Ovachicken in a public place and if Ovachicken has a problem with it he should stay in his room instead of acting like a spoiled child who didn't get his way. The guy didn't put the Camera in Ovachickens face they walked to the Camera holder, who could file charges if he wants.
1 - 2 of 49 Posts
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