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Ovechkin smacks camera

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what a baby. sid is a crybaby? nope. ovechkin.
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Seriously? how is that being a cry baby. I wouldn't ever want a camera being shoved in my face win or lose, that's just classless by the reporter or whoever was holding the camera in his face.

And how is that being a cry baby? He just shoved the camera out of his face, he didn't go to an official and ask for hats to be taken off the ice, or take a dive at center ice when he was nudged on a face off, and act like he was shot.
I agree. OV is a intense player and he was mad they lost like they did. Give the guy a break. Did anyone hear the guy on the post game show say they played ERO trash hockey? That is a lot worse than what OV did.
1 - 1 of 49 Posts
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